ancient greek architecture learning quiz

answer the following questions with 100% accuracy
you can use any resource available to you just make sure your sources are credible

1. The main focus of Greek architecture was on:

a. tombs.
b. civic builings.
c. castles.
d. lavish houses.

2. The Greek civilization made advancements on:

a. city planning.
b. water utilities.
c. architecture.
d. all of the above

3. The most important of civic architecture was the:

a. temple.
b. city hall.
c. theater.
d. burial facilities.

4. Temples were classified by the:

a. god it honored.
b. style of roof.
c. number of columns across the front.

5.The four walled core of the temple was the:

a. viola.
b. cella.
c. quadrangle.
d. treasure room.

6. The Doric order is:

a. most elaborate.
b. least sturdy.
c. most difficult to construct.
d. most simplistic.

7. Doric columns had ____ vertical flutes.

a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20

8. The most distinctive feature of the Ionic column was the:

a. base.
b. capital.
c. flute.
d. abacus.

9. The Corinthian order was a ________ the Ionic order.

a. variant of
b. contrast to
c. departure from
d. duplication of

10. The most ornate of the three orders was the:

a. Doric
b. Ionic
c. Corinthian
d. Hellenes